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Recommended Customer Portal code backup strategy
Answer ID 12491   |   Last Review Date 11/30/2022

What is the Customer Portal code backup strategy within Oracle and how can we get it restored in case of any need?


Customer Portal (CP)
Oracle B2C Service


There is no backup of Customer Portal (CP) files that is supported by the Oracle B2C Service product, and it is advisable to manage the CP code used on a site within an external code repository or other method of backup. CP file backups are available in the case of unexpected circumstances and emergencies, as described in the 'Restore Site option' section here:
In such a case the Technical Support team can work with the Oracle GNC team to establish the closest backup to what is desired (a copy of the site on a given day, using the backup that exists that is closest to what is considered ideal). This will typically take several days, and once complete access to the site can be provided. This access can be used to take copies of the Customer Portal files needed, and the expectation is that this option be used as a last resort, in addition to primary code management/backup solutions.