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Using Workflows to manage visibility of activity "Complete" button
Answer ID 12487   |   Last Review Date 11/30/2022

How to configure activity "Complete" button to be displayed only upon final Workflow step being completed?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


I want to use Workflows to enforce activity's completion only upon completion of the last step of a Workflow.


In order to ensure display of button "Complete" only after the Workflow's last step is completed, it is necessary to add a property to the Screen type used (Form/Plugin/Standard action screens) that will be used as a visibility condition at the "Complete" button inside User Type's Edit/View activity screen.


  1. Create a custom property "Workflow completed".
  2. Add property "Workflow completed" with visibility condition 'is not empty'  to the action button "Complete" for the User Type in 'Edit/View activity screen'.
  3. Add the custom property "Workflow completed" to the form used in the last step of the Workflow.
Once the user completes the last Workflow step by submitting the form it will populate the property "Workflow completed" with the value required thus displaying action button "Complete".

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