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Option to Disable Sync Contact and Chat Information in Agent Browser UI
Answer ID 12450   |   Last Review Date 10/28/2022

How can I disable the Sync Contact and Chat Information in BUI? 


Chat, Browser UI
Oracle B2C Service (OSvC)


Starting with the 22C Oracle B2C Service version, a new custom configuration setting is supported to disable data sync of contact and chat fields in Agent Browser UI. 
By default data syncing of the contact and chat first name, last name, and email is already enabled. To disable, please see "Steps to Enable". If data sync is disabled the end user's first and last name will display in the tab of the Interaction workspace header. Data synchronization prevents data conflicts and is essential for security, compliance, and a wide variety of operational functions.
In the .NET Agent Desktop console, create a new custom config
  • Type: Text
  • Add a comma delimited list of interaction workspace ids that data sync is turned off 
More details about the behavior expected when the Sync option is disabled or enabled are provided in this Answer Link: Chat contact name is different than person chatting