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Data exceeded browser local storage limit
Answer ID 12445   |   Last Review Date 11/21/2022


Oracle Field Service (OFS)

Internet browser



Oracle Field Service application is running in browser, therefore it's limited to browser capabilities. Different browsers have different capabilities.

When designing the screen context, please pay attention to the count of enumeration properties, images, tables, files, and the count of inventory items (specially inventory in resource pool)  that will go in the screen, as this type of items naturally suppress browser storage limits. The size of a browser storage is fixed and cannot be changed in browser settings.

Note: It was identified that some customers running OFS 22C sporadically received the message "Data exceeded browser local storage limit" unexpectedly. The behavior is addressed in OFS 22C SU13 and 22D SU01. Now the message is displayed only when the storage is actually full.