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Oracle Field Service: Last login timestamp
Answer ID 12408   |   Last Review Date 09/15/2022


Oracle Field Service (OFS)



In Configuration > Login Policies > Internal (OFS Internal authentication method), I have set the timeout parameters as follow:

User Inactivity Timeout (Minutes) = 30

Relogin Timeout (Minutes) = 540

When one of those scenarios happen, I expect that the value of the Last login field (last_login) in Resource Info screen to be updated with the time the user logged back in.



The 'User Inactivity Timeout (Minutes)' and 'Relogin Timeout (Minutes)' parameters, when set with a value other than "0",  expire the login session according to the value set. To resume the session, user needs to enter the password only (username is not needed). This action is not a relogin. The user is prolonging/restablishing the session, therefore it is not recorded as a new last_login.

A value for last_login is recorded after the user physically click Sign Out and sign back in to the application using Username and Password.



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