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User set to Inactive using REST API
Answer ID 12374   |   Last Review Date 11/08/2022


Oracle Field Service (OFS)



I have set status of a user that is associated with a field resource to 'Inactive' using REST API. In the Oracle Field Service interface I see two 'Status' fields displayed in Resource Info screen. One has value 'Active" and the other has value 'Inactive'. I was expecting to see only one Status field set to 'Inactive'.



When you set the status of a field resource to 'Inactive' using the GUI, you are setting both the Resource and the User to 'Inactive' as the status field for these entities is merged. When you update the status of a user to 'Inactive' using REST API Update a user, you are updating just the user and not the resource entity. To update the status of the resource you need to also Update a resource to 'Inactive'.