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Oracle Field Service Disaster Recovery
Answer ID 12350   |   Last Review Date 10/25/2022

What should I expect during an OFS (Oracle Field Service) DR (Disaster Recovery)?

Oracle Field Service (OFS)
I don't know what to expect during an Oracle Field Service DR.
OFS has many features which provide high availability. Such functions automatically and transparently cover the majority of failures and allow OFS customers to continuously use the service without disruption. However, in the rare case of a global issue, the OFS team may need to initiate our DR process to prevent service degradation and recover functionality.
As a part of the DR process, your instance(s) will be moved and started in another location within your region (primary to secondary). No changes within OFS instance are required by you for the solution to work as expected after the DR process concludes.
While no actions are expected by you during the DR process, we do suggest that you verify network configurations on your side as your instance(s) could use a set of IP addresses allocated for OFS and the incoming/outgoing addresses will be different once you are running in a new location after DR.
These are the following areas of OFS' networking-related entities in which should be verified:
  • Non-Default Login Policy Endpoints - If you are using any non-default login policies (LDAP, SAML, etc.) you should make sure that if your set up utilizes IP addresses or firewalls based on IP addresses, they are set appropriately.
  • Deprecated Endpoints - If you are still using deprecated integrations for API ( and Login portal ( endpoint are still in use, be prepared to switch these endpoints to the new region.
  • Outbound API - If you are using the Outbound API, make sure that your configurations are ready for the fact that the Outbound API transactions will be sent from the new location set of API addresses.
  • VPN - If you are using a VPN, it should be switched to the corresponding location.
The list of IP addresses used for OFS is described here:
It is expected that incoming flows to the standard URL ( will not be changed (except for VPN-related flows).
Information related to DR status during a global incident will be provided via standard notification channels used for the similar notifications.
Please see the list of regions and corresponding Primary and Disaster Recovery datacenters:
List of OFS paired regions
North America  US East (Ashburn / IAD) and US West (Phoenix / PHX)
South America Brazil East (Sao Paulo / GRU) and Brazil Southeast (Vinhedo / VCP)
Europe Netherlands Northwest (Amsterdam / AMS) and Germany Central (Frankfurt / FRA)
United Kingdom UK South (London / LHR) and UK West (Newport / CWL)
Japan Japan Central (Osaka / KIX) and Japan East (Tokyo / NRT)
East UAE East (Dubai / DXB) and Saudi Arabia West (Jeddah / JED)
Canada Canada Southeast (Toronto / YYZ) and Canada Southeast (Montreal / YUL)
Australia Australia East (Sydney / SYD) and Australia Southeast (Melbourne / MEL)