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Oracle Field Service IP Address range
Answer ID 12347   |   Last Review Date 08/23/2022

Where can I find the IP Address ranges for the DC that is hosting my OFS environment?

Oracle Field Service (OFS)
I am looking for the IP Address ranges for the OCI datacenter that is hosting my Oracle Field Service environment.
If your network has firewall rules, email anti-relay or anti-spam measures, proxy, antivirus or other filtering and you need to whitelist the IP address for the Oracle datacenter that is hosting you OFS environment, please see Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation.
  • For the Incoming traffic (Customer >> Oracle): domain *, and * (for customers still using this domain), should be added.
  • For the Outgoing traffic (Oracle >> Customer): please see the document above and download the JSON file with the IP Address ranges. The file is divided per region. See all the IP blocks marked with tag "OSN" that belong to your OCI regions.
Since automated disaster recovery solution (failover) is provided for customers behind Akamai, we strongly recommend to whitelist both your Primary datacenter IP address range and your disaster recovery datacenter because of the Active-Active switch that is in place.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How can I change the suggested target datacenter location?
A. Oracle strongly suggests that you select the datacenter location that is closest to your region. This will ensure that you have the fastest response speed and avoid any latency that could be caused by being hosted in a location further away. It will also eliminate or diminish your dependency on political, financial, weather and other conditions in other countries or geographical regions. Higher availability via an Active-Active configuration is provided for customers using Akamai. Lastly it could potentially remove any compliance or data concerns by having your data hosted close to your region. To switch the datacenter location, create a Service Request in the CX Portal.
Q. How can I determine the OCI regions that I need to whitelist from the provided JSON file?
A. We strongly recommend to select both your Primary datacenter where your instances are hosted on, but also the Disaster Recovery datacenter because of the Active-Active switch that is in place. You have selected a specific region, with its Primary and Disaster Recovery datacenter while signing off the contract.
Q. How do I know which one is my Primary and Disaster Recovery/failover datacenter?
A.  Below you see the list of regions followed by the Primary and DR datacenters.
List of OFS paired regions
North America  IAD and PHX
South America GRU and VCP
Europe AMS and FRA
United Kingdom LHR and CWL
Japan KIX and NRT
East DXB and JED
Canada YYZ and YUL
Australia SYD and MEL
Q. Is there in-depth description of OCI connectivity methods?
A. See Overview and procedures to connect using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in the Connectivity Options.pdf
Q. How do I go about creating a VPN on OCI?
A. See Overview and procedures to create a VPN in the Creating a VPN on OCI.pdf.
Q. Where can I find Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security Guide?
A. This documents on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provide a guide to help you learn about the security policies in place: Global Information Security (GIS)Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security Overview.