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Viewing/managing my Database Storage
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How can I view my database storage in order to manage it appropriately?

All versions of Oracle B2C Service.
Configuration Assistant

Using the Configuration Assistant, you can monitor your service storage usage data to help you determine whether the database storage limits for a service are less utilized or overutilized.

Usage limits vary for each subscription type. Monitoring statistics also helps you manage your database storage by deleting, purging, or archiving data that exceeds the storage limits.

You can view your current usage statistics, using the Data Storage table, you can export data, format data, and customize the columns you want to display, and you can view your historical usage statistics.

Please review the Configuration Assistant documentation for further details.

Please also refer to the answer link Popular Answers about Dormant, Archiving and Purge Settings for further information on deleting, archiving, or purging data.