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Activity History not being displayed for some recurring activities
Answer ID 12308   |   Last Review Date 11/07/2022

Why doesn't some internal activities display the 'History' button?

Oracle Field Service (OFS)
I noticed that the History button is not available for some recurring internal activities but it is available for others. For example, I have created a recurring Training activity from Mon-Fri for this week and next week. I see that the activities for this week have the History button but the activities for next week don't.
The repeating activities created from a template will display the 'History' button if the activities are instantiated (have been created in the system and were assigned an activity ID). The value configured in Configuration > Business Rules > Expose massive and repetitive activities in API for the following number of days, controls this behavior. The default value is 0 (meaning that these activities will only be instantiated when a route is created (activated or a customer activity have been added to the route). If the parameter is set to "7", the recurring activities of the first 7 days will be exposed and the History button will be displayed.
Please visit Administering Oracle Field Service to learn more about this field before changing the value.

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