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Display activities only after route is activated
Answer ID 12306   |   Last Review Date 07/18/2022

How can I configure OFS to display activities to field resources only after they have activate their routes?

Oracle Field Service (OFS)
I would like the field resource to only be able to see all the activities assigned to them for the day after they have activated their routes for the day.
This configuration can be accomplished by following the steps below:
Create the filter:
  1. Go to Configuration > Filters
  2. Click Add New
  3. Create a filter applicable to entity type 'Activity' and select the box for filter type 'Restriction on visible activities'
Add filter conditions:
  1. Locate the filter you have just created
  2. Click Conditions action link
  3. Click Add New
  4. Select the field 'Activated' (under Route section) and Condition 'Is not Empty'
  5. click Add
Apply the filter to the User Type:
  1. Go to Configuration > User Types
  2. Select the User Type you would like to apply the filter to
  3. Click Restrictions and Filters tab
  4. Under Filters restricting visible activities, select the new filter

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