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Customer phone number being displayed in My Route, although this has not been configured
Answer ID 12284   |   Last Review Date 07/05/2022

Is it possible to remove customer phone from My Route screen?

Oracle Field Service
I don't understand how My Route screen shows customer phone number for each activitie. Phone field (cphone) or Cell phone field (ccell) are not configured as Activity Identifiers for  the User Type.
Configuration > User Type > Activity Identifier. Phone field is not listed.
My Route screen. Phone number is displayed under the activity identifiers
The phone number (cphone or ccell) associated with the activity will be displayed in My Route screen if at least one of the fields is configured in the Edit/View activity screen context and has a value. If you would like to hide the phone number from My Route screen, it needs to be removed from the Edit/View activity screen configuration of the specific User Type.
Edit/View activity screen context. 'Phone' field is highlighted.

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