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Removing Headers when using Insert Answers as Text
Answer ID 12263   |   Last Review Date 11/14/2022

Can I remove the Summary, Question and Answer headers that are automatically appended to the Incident Thread using the "Add as Text" option from the Search Knowledge option?

Answers, searching the Knowledge base, Knowledge Foundation, Message Bases, configuration settings.
Oracle B2C Service
When working with the incidents, you can use the Search Knowledge to insert any Answer from your database; however, inserting your Answers as plain text will insert by default the following lines:
***** Summary Header *****
Summary content
***** Question Header *****
Question content
***** Answer Header *****
Answer content
You can remove the automatically appended headers [marked by ***] by changing two different configuration values, as follows:
1. You must change the Configuration key SA_APPEND_QUESTION value to 0 [disabled]. The SA_APPEND_QUESTION configuration setting allows you to specify whether both the question and answer headers are appended when appending the text of an answer or if only the answer field is appended.
Path to settings: Select Configuration from the navigation area > Site Configuration > Configuration Settings > and search by Key.
2. You will need to change the Message Base key EU_FAQ_ANSWER_LBL and add a custom text with an empty [blank/space] value. The EU_FAQ_ANSWER_LBL message base controls the name displayed in the Answer tab from within the Answer workspace.
Path to settings: Select Configuration from the navigation area > Site Configuration > Message Bases > search by Key > double-click on EU_FAQ_ANSWER_LBL > find the Custom text column, double click on the field from each interface, add a space to it and save.
After performing these changes, any time you use the Search Knowledge inside the Incident workspace and insert an Answer as text, only the Answer content will be appended to the incident, without any header.