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Report Permissions limit in Profile Editor
Answer ID 12207   |   Last Review Date 04/29/2022

Why are changes to Report permissions within the Profile editor lost after a save?


Analytics, Profiles / Accounts
All versions


There is a set amount of memory that is available for our APIs and in order to stay within that memory limitation, a hard limit has been placed on how many report profile permissions can be captured during the profile open.  That limit is currently set at 12,753 reports.  If a profile has permissions set for more than 12,753 reports, the editor won't be able to obtain the current permissions for the newest reports that are over that limit.  They will be displayed as having no permissions set in the editor.

When changes are made to the permissions of these newest reports, the changes will be successfully saved and enforced.  However, Oracle recommends that this limit be avoided to prevent confusion about the currently set permissions.