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Payload containing invalid character
Answer ID 12192   |   Last Review Date 04/25/2022


Oracle Field Service (OFS)



Sometimes invalid characters are generated/included in OFS properties, e.g. when users utilize the copy and paste function to copy data from another system. If the user adds an invalid character into a specific OFS property, the events generated will also contain such characters. Other systems and/or integration layers might get stuck due to such invalid characters not being supported by these systems.



When OFS generates an event with such unsupported XML character, it handles the information (meeting the W3C standard) and generates the events payloads in JSON format with such special character properly escaped.

In case an integration is rejecting the JSON (as it's transformation from the OFS properly escaped JSON to an un-escaped XML exposes the invalid character), OFS keeps trying to send the event. In some situations, we have noticed that no other new events are sent. This behavior may be observed in any system that cannot handle invalid characters.

Despite the fact that OFS escapes characters properly, the handling of invalid characters is required on customer side to ensure that these characters are not inserted into OFS properties, thus avoiding integration problems. 







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