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Customizing Search, Facet and Results in the Knowledge Advanced Customer Portal
Answer ID 12189   |   Last Review Date 04/21/2022

When making changes to the Customer Portal pages for Knowledge Advanced Search, Facet and Results widgets what should you be aware of?


  • Oracle B2C Service
  • Sites with Knowledge Advanced only, all versions
  • Customer Portal Customization
  • Changing the pages that have the Search, Facet and Results widgets


Here are some tips for modifying the search, facet and  results widgets that you should be aware of.


The most common mistake is to separate these widgets into different containers.  All search related widgets should be in one container to share events each other.  These include the Search, Facet and Results widgets.
1. Include the entire div (<div id="rn_PageTitle" class="rn_Search"> .... </div> present in the okcs_standard.php) within the rn:container tag of the search.php page.
2. The "SourceSearchButton" widget on the search.php page should not have the attribute search_results_url="/app/search".
3. In the okcs_standard.php (templates folder) include "search" page for hide_on_pages.