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Activity in jeopardy does not change color when set to En Route
Answer ID 12184   |   Last Review Date 04/20/2022


Oracle Field Service (OFS)



There was an activity that was going to miss its service window promised to the customer (displayed in pink color by OFS default configuration for 'Warning'). When the activity status was set to 'En Route', the activity color did not change to the color we have configured for the 'En Route' status. Activity is still displayed with the color configured for 'Warning'.


Activity type show purple color for En Route status and Pink color for Warning status        




This behavior is expected. The 'Warning' color has priority over the status color. If there is a reason for the activity to be in jeopardy, it is important that this activity can be easily identified by the dispatchers (in case there is a possibility to solve the issue and avoid breaking promised service window).