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How to fill the "Route Activation Time" field automatically
Answer ID 12175   |   Last Review Date 04/18/2022

How can we prevent the "Route Activation Time" field from being manually edited by the user allowing it to be filled by the system automatically with a current time value when starting the route?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)




Image shows Activate Route screen where value for field Route Activation Time is editable



By removing the ability to edit the time in the "Route Activation Time" field, the system will automatically fill in the value of the field.


You can disable the ability to edit the field by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > User Type
  2. Select the User Type you would like to make the change > Click on General tab
  3. In the Activity Management section, uncheck the box for "Allow action time adjustment"
  4. Have the user log out and log back in, and the field will disappear from the layout, but the time value when the path is triggered will be calculated automatically

Image shows the option "Allow action time adjustment" unchecked

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