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'Array list index out of bounds' error in .NET console
Answer ID 12166   |   Last Review Date 04/13/2022

Why am I receiving an "Array list index out of bounds" error in the .NET console?


.Net Console, Desktop Add-ins (.NET API), Connect Web Services for SOAP (CWS), Process Designer, Custom Process Model (CPM) / Service Process Model (SPM)
Oracle B2C Service


If you are receiving a response of "Array list index out of bounds" after saving an object (such as saving an incident in an incident workspace) in the .NET console, this is due to an unexpected error response from the server. If the problem can be reproduced consistently, then the message being sent may be coming from a .NET Add-in customization (using the public SOAP API), as this is an indication that the request is likely not valid.
However, if the problem is intermittent, this is less of an indication that the message sent from the .NET client is bad, but rather an indication that an error was encountered on the server. This can be caused by uncaught exceptions in CPM customizations, and it is a good idea to look at the site/interface logs for errors logged when the "Array list index out of bounds" error occurs in the .NET console. The Error and Info logs are typically available under Configuration > Site Configuration > Logs, and you can expect to find an associated error that may be helpful in fixing the problem.