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OFS: DNS service migration from Akamai DNS Service to Oracle DNS Service for domain
Answer ID 12147   |   Last Review Date 04/11/2022


Oracle Field Service (OFS)

Akamai DNS

Oracle DNS domain



Oracle Field Service domain zone will be migrated from Akamai DNS to Oracle DNS. Domain names inside zone will not be changed. No actions from Customer’s side are required regarding this migration.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  When is this operation scheduled to be performed? 

The operation is scheduled for April 27, 2022 at 09:00 UTC

What is the current process and what will change? 

Currently, Akamai host the DNS. The request goes to Akamai DNS serice and Akamai DNS service provides the response. After the migration, the request will go to Oracle DNS service and Oracle DNS service will provide the response. The response itself will be identical, just the host will change. 

Will there be any downtime during the operation? 

No downtime is expected.

My OFS instance is on Domain Will this change apply for this Domain as well? 

Domain zone is out of scope for this operation. There will be no changes for this Domain. Customers already have access to the new DNS Service when using We are now adding to the Oracle DNS Service.

Is there any benefit to this change? 

The current method is an Oracle security exception. Moving to Oracle DNS Service will meet Oracle standards and have less reliance on third party.

Will Akamai DNS Service be stopped during this maintenance? 

No. We are not stopping Akamai DNS Service during this operation. Both Akamai DNS Service and Oracle DNS Service will be up and running for at least a month before Akamai DNS Service for domain zone is completely stopped.

Can I refuse/cancel this DNS migration? 

It is not possible to refuse/cancel this migration. The change will be applied to all OFS customers on domain at the same time.

Where do I go if I have a concern or question related to this change? 

If you have additional questions or concerns, please create a Service Request at

  What are the IP addresses of the new DNS servers for zone which will be used after the migration to Oracle DNS Service? IPv4 IPv6 2600:2000:2100::c9 IPv4 IPv6 2600:2000:2110::c9 IPv4 IPv6 2600:2000:2120::c9 IPv4 IPv6 2600:2000:2130::c9