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Copying a value from a property of type enumeration
Answer ID 12136   |   Last Review Date 04/01/2022


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


I have created a message step that will use set_property method to copy the value of an enumeration type property (Enum1) to another enumeration property (Enum2). However, the message fails with "failed (WRONG_CONFIGURATION)".

Message scenario configuration shows "Enum2" property on Subject box and {prnum_Enum1} on Body box


The message record displays "failed (wrong_configuration)



It is possible to copy the values of a certain property of type enumeration to another property of the same type but you need to make sure that the index of the value you want to copy is the same on both properties and it is active. The actual value name does not need to be the same. Otherwise, the index will not be found when the system tries to search for it in the list of items for this property.

On the example below, it will copy "Val" from property Enum1 to property Enum2.


Image shows configuration of both properties where both have the same index value