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Incorrect Order of Chat Messages in the Transcript
Answer ID 12131   |   Last Review Date 04/01/2022

Why are some messages in the Chat Transcript added in an incorrect order?


Oracle B2C Service (OSvC)


Some chat messages are seen in Chat Transcript reports in an incorrect order. This happens with messages sent at the same second.


The chat_events table, which stores messages sent between agents and end users, records the time each message has been sent in seconds. This is the lowest granularity the application currently offers. Due to this limitation, it is not possible to order messages beyond seconds, such as in milliseconds. This can sometimes cause messages to appear in a different order than the messages were actually sent, because the reports cannot verify which millisecond each message was sent. 

However, the chat transcript saved on the incident thread after the agent terminates the chat will show the messages in the correct order. It is recommended to check the incident thread if you suspect the messages are not shown in the correct order in your reports.