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Requirements to Configure the Reduced Report Row Height Feature in the Browser User Interface
Answer ID 12102   |   Last Review Date 02/23/2022

How can I configure reports in the Browser User Interface to use less vertical space?

Oracle B2C Version 22A and newer.
Prior to this feature, the row height for reports in the Browser User Interface was always set to 32px. This is different from the legacy console that defaulted to a much smaller row height as well as provided an ability to configure the row height using the report designer. With the introduction to this feature, the report row height will continue to default to 32px but a configuration setting has been introduced that will change the default height to 24px.

This will allow more rows to be shown on the Browser User Interface agent desktop then is possible with the 32px default. The image below shows a representative report with the default row height in effect. This row height limits the number of rows that can be displayed to 18 rows.
Default Row Height
The image below shows the same report with the new smaller row height in effect.  This row height increased the number of rows that can be displayed to 22 rows to allow for more rows to be visible on the agent desktop.
Steps to enable:
1.    Log in to the Legacy Console for System Administration
2.    Go to Configuration Settings
3.    Create a yes/no configuration setting with the name - CUSTOM_CFG_ROW_HEIGHT_ENABLED
4.    Set its value to Yes - to enable reduced row height