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Requirements to set-up the Rich Text & Plain Text Toggle for Chat Agents within the Engagement Panel
Answer ID 12100   |   Last Review Date 02/22/2022

How can I enable the Rich Text & Plain Text Toggle for my agents?

Oracle B2C Version 22A and newer.
For agents handing chats in the Browser UI, a new feature “Rich Text & Plain Text Toggle” is available starting 22A+. Previously, agents did not have the ability to send chat messages in plain text. Beginning in 22A, agents handling chats within the Brower UI can have a Rich Text & Plain Text Toggle within the Public & Private Compose Controls of the Engagement Panel. Agents can now choose to send their chat messages in Rich Text (default setting) or they can choose to switch the mode, in order to send chat messages in a Plain Text format. This setting applies to all chat agents using the Browser UI, including those that are monitoring and/or have joined a chat, and those that are viewing or conferencing in a chat session, as well as those in a transferred chat.
Technical requirements for setting up the Rich Text & Plain Text Toggle:
  • Engagement Panel version 13+ must be deployed for the site
    • If Engagement Panel version 13+ is not yet generally available, to have Engagement Panel version 13 enabled for your site:
      • Please email Jessica Bradley ( to have your site upgraded. There is no downtime associated with this update.
      • First, we will enable Engagement Panel version 13 on your test site, then on your production site at a day/time of your choosing
    • To confirm the current default Engagement Panel version, please check Answer ID 12531: Chat Engagement Panel in BUI
  • The Rich Text & Plain Text Toggle feature is disabled by default.
  • To enable this feature, the following custom configuration verbs must be created:
      • Allows the B2C Chat Administrator to disable/enable the new toggle, per site
      • Data Type: True/False
      • Default Value: False
      • Set Value to "True". When this new custom config is enabled (= set to true), then the toggle displays within the Engagement Panel for the chat agent.
      • Allows the B2C Chat Administrator to define the default value for the text mode within the Engagement Panel, per site
      • Data Type: Yes/No
      • Default Value: False/No
      • When this new custom config is defined (= set to yes), then all messages sent by agents using chat within the Engagement Panel are sent as Plain Text. Set the value to meet business requirements.