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CKEditor Paste Function in Knowledge Advanced
Answer ID 12060   |   Last Review Date 01/25/2022

Why does paste into the CKEditor work differently since version 21C?


Oracle B2C Service, Knowledge Advanced


The latest release of CKEditor product has turned off the paste menu buttons because pasting with JavaScript (buttons) is not possible due to security limitations enforced by browsers.

The menu buttons have been left in place with an information message to the user to use the ctrl-V to maintain copied formatting or ctrl-shift-V to strip formatting.

The browser function is also working considerably better to paste content directly into the browser through these controls. Pasting from Microsoft Word works better with ctrl-V than with the old menu application paste dialogs. Images and text can be pasted directly and maintain their formatting.

Pasting from Word will always have some incompatibilities and can require some adjustments as the browsers try to keep up with Words generated HTML code.