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SSO for Intelligent Advisor hub login
Answer ID 12057   |   Last Review Date 01/20/2023

How can I set up SSO for the Intelligent Advisor hub login? 

Environment: Intelligent Advisor
Resolution:  IDCS is the only supported provider for SSO for your hub login.  See the Intelligent Advisor documentation for IDCS set up and configuration within your Intelligent Advisor hub here.
The documentation for the configuration on the IDCS side can be found here.  For registering and activating Intelligent Advisor in IDCS, the table values you would enter as noted in the 'Enabling Provisioning for Oracle Policy Automation' section in the documentation, would be similar to the following example for Host Name (enter your actual site name) and Port Number:
You can also however, use other SSO providers such as Azure AD by setting up federation trust between the identity provider and IDCS.  See some instructions in the following:
If you need assistance in configuring SSO for your Intelligent Advisor Hub, Oracle Consulting Services can assist you with your implementation.