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Datacenter Region hosting Oracle Field Service (OFS)
Answer ID 12024   |   Last Review Date 12/08/2021

What Oracle Datacenter will host my OFS instance?

Oracle Field Service (OFS)
I don't know what Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Datacenter my Oracle Field Service instance were hosted in during provisioning.
When provisioning OFS instances, customers can choose the geographical region for the Datacenter (i.e. South America, North America, APAC, European Union or Middle East). Mentioned geographic regions have multiple Datacenters and Oracle will assign the Datacenter that contains less hosted instances at the time of provisioning.
• How can I check the current location?
Follow the below steps to verify what Datacenter your instance is hosted in:
  1. Go to Cloud Portal.
  2. Enter your Cloud Account Name and click Next.
  3. Enter the Email address and the password used to register for the Cloud Portal account.
  4. Click the Menu on the top left. 
  5. Under Services, select Field Service to access the Field Service Console.
  6. The Available Instances tab indicates which Datacenter the instances are hosted in.
Is it possible to change the location?
If you need to have your Datacenter location changed, please submit a Service Request with OFS Support.