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CAPTCHA abuse detection prevents Chat Inlays from showing
Answer ID 12014   |   Last Review Date 05/24/2022

Why is my chat inlay not showing?

Oracle B2C Service Chat
The inlay is no longer showing on our webpage.
If your chat inlay is suddenly not showing on your pages, but worked previously or in a test environment, then this issue may be due to abuse detection thresholds.  First verify your configuration setting OIT_CORS_ALLOWLIST is configured appropriately according to Answer ID 10567 - Inlay getConfigs error.  If so, then the abuse detection (CAPTCHA) may have been triggered.
To confirm if CAPTCHA abuse detection has been triggered:
  1.  Go to the webpage with your inlay code and open the browser developer tools (Press F12  or  Ctrl + Shift + i)
  2.  Refresh the webpage
  3.  In the Console tab if you see errors similar to the ones shown in the screenshot below then continue
    Developer Tools screenshot pointing to error getConfigs: request failed. This could be from one of the following issues: 2) The API failed due to possible abuse detection.
  4.  In the Network tab, search for 'getConfigs'
    Note:  the getConfigs call will have a format similar to "getConfigs?fields=channelCachedContentServer,chann…,videoClientScript,videoEnabled,fileUploadMaxSize"
  5.  Double click the getConfigs call to open it in a new browser window
  6.  lf the results begin with "==CHALLENGE REQUIRED==", then CAPTCHA has been triggered
Even though CAPTCHA has been triggered, inlays currently do not show the dialog described in Answer ID 4056: Web Form security
Every B2C Service site is created with the default CAPTCHA threshold.  Test sites and upgrade sites do not inherit CAPTCHA threshold settings from their parent production site.  While CAPTCHA cannot be completely disabled, the thresholds can be increased.  Contact the Oracle B2C Service team at Ask Technical Support and provide 1) the webpage URL where your inlay is deployed, and 2) uncropped screenshots showing the webpage and the DevTools error.  We will review the issue and work with internal Oracle teams to raise the threshold for your site if appropriate.
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