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Can't bulk import staff accounts
Answer ID 12005   |   Last Review Date 11/04/2021

How do I batch import staff accounts?

  • Oracle B2C Service
  • any version
  • Data Import Wizard
  • Connect APIs
I can't find a way to import hundreds of staff accounts. I don't want to enter them manually. I tried Data Import Wizard but it does not support the account object.
  • Since the Oracle B2C Service product does not natively support a batch import of staff accounts within the application itself, you (or your partner) would need to write a customization. This would not be supported by Oracle B2C Service Technical Support.
  • Any of the Connect Web Services for SOAP, Connect REST, or Connect PHP APIs can be used to import this data.
  • See Technical Documentation and Sample Code for links to the documentation for all of these public APIs.