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Adding a new contact to Oracle Field Service distribution list
Answer ID 11921   |   Last Review Date 07/23/2021

How can I add users to receive Oracle Field Service outage notifications?

Oracle Field Service (OFS)
Cloud Portal
I would like to add new contacts to Oracle Field Service email distribution list so they can receive notifications for Service Updates, Upgrades, Outages, etc.
To add new contacts to receive OFS notifications, do the following:
1- Go to Enter your Cloud Account Name and click Next
2- Enter your Cloud Portal User Name and Password and click Sign In
3- Click the menu on the top left. Click Users
4- Select Contacts tab
5- Make sure 'Notification Contacts' is selected in 'Type' field. Click Add to add a new contact.
Contacts tab is highlighted. Add button is highlighted
6- Enter the new contact email address and select the service you would like he/she to receive notifications. Click Add.
Oracle Field Service Cloud is selected under Services field.

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