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The Rules "Complete Audit Log" is missing for Enhanced Business Rules
Answer ID 11918   |   Last Review Date 09/16/2021

Why does the Rules "Complete audit log" not appear or show "Unable to execute report"? 


Oracle B2C Service, Enhanced Business Rules


The Complete Audit Log was released in the Browser UI starting with the 20D version of B2C. If your B2C version is older than 20D, then you will not see the Complete Audit Log tab under Rules. Once you are on version 20D or newer for B2C, you can then use this log to see site-wide rule log entries. This log is located on a tab directly under Navigation > Configuration > Site Configuration > Rules, Complete Audit Log tab.
The Complete Audit Log can be used to see when each Object's rulebase was migrated or deployed. 
For additional details on these Audit Logs please see the following documentation section for the Browser UI: