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Add Forward Comment to Thread
Answer ID 11816   |   Last Review Date 02/05/2021

How do I add a forward comment to an incident thread?


Oracle B2C Service, Browser User Interface (BUI)


The option to add incident forward dialog to a thread is now available in the Agent Browser User Interface. Additional functionality allows agents to disable this option when forwarding an incident.

To enable this feature:

  1. Open an incident workspace in the Workspace Designer.
  2. Open the Ribbon Designer, select the appropriate forward button for BUI and select -Edit Button-.
    NOTE: If your workspace has the forward button in the quick access area you MUST select and configure that button 
  3. Select the option to -Add Comments to Thread- and -Allow Agent to Control Comments- (if desired).
  4. Save and close the workspace.
  5. Open an incident using this workspace on the Agent Browser UI and select the forward button. 
  6. Note that the Forward Comments option can be de-selected (leave it selected). 
  7. Enter a forward note and send.
  8. Note that the comments in the forward dialog are added to the incident thread.



When "Add Comments To Thread" is enabled, all forward comments will be added as a private note to the incident thread.

If "Allow Agent to Control Comments" is enabled, agents will see a button in the Forward dialog window which will allow them to prevent their comments from being added as a thread.