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Rule being triggered multiple times
Answer ID 11814   |   Last Review Date 02/03/2021

Why is a rule being fired many times on an incident or other object?


Oracle B2C Service sites, all versions


Rules are being triggered too many times when an object is saved. Many edits are shown in the audit log with source Custom Process.


One possibility is that a custom process model (CPM) customization is creating an infinite loop.


The implementer should review the answer Enabling API suppression in Connect for PHP Customizations and determine what changes are needed in the CPM code in relation to suppression, and then implement the necessary change or changes.

If the customization is saving objects with a plain save() call (empty parentheses) on every time it runs, this is the problem. Make sure to review the Can Suppress box as described in that same linked answer.

A change in rule logic or logic within the CPM code itself so that the object is not saved unnecessarily could also be appropriate.