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Inlays: Integrating Surveys to the Post Chat Closing Message
Answer ID 11787   |   Last Review Date 05/03/2022

How do I associate a survey to Inlay chat? 


Oracle B2C Service


When concluding a chat session, the Embedded Chat Inlay uses the postChatClosingMessage to display information to the end user.  By default, the string says “Thank you for chatting with us. You may close this window”.  This answer will show how to integrate a B2C survey into this message.  As this integration requires overwriting the default string, a configuration file with the string override will be necessary. 

  1. Create a survey within Service Cloud.  Typically, this would be a Website Link Survey.
  2. Click Survey URL on the survey ribbon.
  3. Paste/Copy the URL onto a text editor for examination

At this point the URL will have this format:

This is the generic URL for this survey and is broken down as follows:

  • / is the B2C support interface (ie.
  • /ci/documents/detail is the location where the survey exists
  • /5 represents that this is a survey
  • /survey_id is the unique identifier for the survey being used and follows the “/5”
  • /12 represents there exists an authorization code
  • /authorization_code is a unique code for access to the survey

In order to associate the survey and the chat, a table and a primary id need to be associated to the survey.

  1. Add the following to the URL.  Note:  these are added within the URL and not at the end of the string
  • /6/223 – the 6 represents a table association, 223 represents the chat table.
  • /7/{ENGAGEMENT_ID} – the 7 represents a primary id association, while {ENGAGEMENT_ID} is the chat ID variable necessary to associate the survey and the chat engagement.  This variable will be populated automatically by the chat inlay.

When completed the finished URL should look like this:{ENGAGEMENT_ID}/12/autorization_code.

  1. Using the finished URL, overwrite the default postChatClosingMessage within the Inlay configuration JSON file with the appropriate wording.  This string accepts link markdown.  For example:

"postChatClosingMessage":"Thank you for chatting with us. Please complete our survey [Click Here]({ENGAGEMENT_ID}/12/245cfe1718889dd43ee26d6654e354af8331c668)"

When clicked and completed, the survey will be associated with the unique chat engagement that just concluded.

Example of a Config file to launch a post-chat survey:






               "title":"Example test",

               "postChatClosingMessage":"Thank you for chatting with us. Please complete our survey [Click Here]({ENGAGEMENT_ID}/12/245cfe1718889dd43ee26d6654e354af8331c668)"






Surveys from an external source may be added in a similar manner by including the survey link in the "postChatClosingMessage".

For additional information, refer to the Inlays and Customer Portal and Answers About Chat Inlays section in the Online Help User Guide documentation for the version your site is currently running. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.

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