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Running a FiddlerCap
Answer ID 11770   |   Last Review Date 12/23/2022

What is Fiddler and how do I run a FiddlerCap?

Fiddler sits between the client and server and captures all communications over HTTP and HTTPS between the two, offering more detail into the network calls at the time of the issue.

FiddlerCap can be downloaded at

Instructions to run FiddlerCap:

  1. Install FiddlerCap
  2. Start 'FiddlerCap'
  3. Select 'Decrypt HTTPS traffic...' and install certificate if prompted (**Important - if this step is skipped the results will not be useful**)
  4. Click 'Start Capture'
  5. Start Oracle B2C Service and work normally until an error occurs
  6. In FiddlerCap, click the 'Snapshot' button to embed a screen shot of the error into the results. If you use a multi-screen setup, please make sure that the FiddlerCap window is on the same screen you are reproducing the behavior on.
  7. Acknowledge or dismiss the error message to complete the capture of the issue in Fiddler.
  8. Once you have captured the error in FiddlerCap select 'Stop Capture'
  9. Save the FiddlerCap, select 'Save Capture' and save the file in the default format .saz and attach this to your response to this incident

When running FiddlerCap, please intentionally try to reproduce the issue, and be sure to make use of the built-in screen shot tool as soon as you encounter the behavior so we can see the network calls just prior.