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New custom field menu item is not visible in a report filter
Answer ID 11737   |   Last Review Date 10/27/2020

Why is a new menu item added to a custom field not visible in the report filter?


Analytics, Report Filters


This can happen if is being used in the filter instead of the custom field name under which the menu item was created. For example, if the menu item was added to an incident custom field, the expression used in the filter should start with incidents.c$, where the column name of the custom field comes after the dollar sign.

Example: incidents.c$building_name 

Here are the steps to check what is set as the expression in the filter:

1. Open the report for editing by right-clicking on the report and selecting Edit. 

2. From the Home tab, select the Filters button on the ribbon in the Data Set section, highlight the filter for the custom field, and then select Edit Filter. 

3. Look in the Expression box and if is set there, change it to the custom field name which has the menu items that should be displayed. 

4. Select OK and then Save the report.