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Message Template error Corrections Required for Case Statements
Answer ID 11736   |   Last Review Date 02/04/2021

What do the HTML Editor problems mean in the 'Corrections Required' error when I save a message template?


Oracle B2C Service Version 20A+


I am trying to save a message template in a recently upgraded site and get an error:

HTML Editor - Case Statements may only contain Conditional Sections and Default Sections. There must be at least one Conditional Section and at most one Default Section.  A Default Section, if present, must be last.

However, I don't get this error in my older (test) site?  How do I fix the problem so I can save my message templates?


This error is often caused by having a Conditional Section within the Default of a Case Section.  A Conditional Section within the Default section or below it was never intended to work, but the ''Corrections Required' error message was not working properly prior to version 20A.

A simplified version of a message template that causes this message is shown with a Conditional section 'Login is null' embedded into the Default of the Case Section.