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Set_property message failing with MESSAGE_STEP_EXPIRED
Answer ID 11656   |   Last Review Date 07/16/2020

Why are my set_property messages failing with MESSAGE_STEP_EXPIRED?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


One of my set_property message steps is failing with MESSAGE_STEP_EXPIRED. 


Messages with Set Property method (or other methods) may fail with MESSAGE_STEP_EXPIRED error due to message step configuration.

  • Message expiration interval parameter: The end of the time range during which the message can be delivered, measured in hours and minutes from the sending time.
  • Sending delay parameter: Time period in minutes between message creation and message sending

When using parameter Sending delay in the message step, make sure the value set in this parameter is lower than the value specified in the parameter Message expiration interval (or Sending will time out in for some versions), otherwise the message will expire before the time it is configured to be sent.