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Set a resource as Favorite in Core Application
Answer ID 11599   |   Last Review Date 06/09/2020

Where is the 'Set as favorite' action in Core Application?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


I am not able to find the 'Set as favorite' and 'Remove from favorite' actions to add to Resource Hint screen. This option is very useful as it allows quick access to the most frequently used resources.


Favorite resources are marked by a yellow star in the Dispatch Console screen. This feature works together with the Groups feature in Manage screen. When you add a group in Manage screen, this group is displayed with a yellow star on the top of the Resource Tree in the Dispatch Console screen. 

Follow the steps below to configure the ability to set additional resources as favorite using the Dispatch Console:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > User Types and select the UT you would like to have the ability to set favorites resources using Dispatch Console screen.
  2. Select Screen Configuration and expand Application screens. Click the Resource hint context link.
  3. Under Buttons section, select Click to add.
  4. Search for add_to_group and del_from_group and add them.
  5. Assign visibility permission to both actions by selecting the action and clicking the Add new visibility link. Click Save

Follow the steps below to set a resource as favorite using the Dispatch Console:

  1. Locate the resource you wish to set as favorite in the Resource Tree
  2. Click the resource icon to view Resource hint
  3. Click the Add to group link. Choose an existing favorite group or create a new group.

The resource will then display on the top of the Resource Tree for easy access and in the chosen group in Manage screen.