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Enabling video chat
Answer ID 11590   |   Last Review Date 06/05/2020

How do I enable Video Chat?


B2C Service Chat, Video Chat


Video chat is sold as an add-on feature to existing Chat seats for Oracle B2C Service. You will need to contact your Sales Account Manager for the purchase of the Video Chat feature and for any questions regarding the ordering process. If your organization has already purchased this license, please continue with the following steps below. 

Video chat can be enabled via the Configuration Assistant. See the following answer which contains the documentation for Configuration Assistant in HTML and PDF form:

Oracle B2C Service Configuration Assistant on Oracle Cloud Portal

Please follow the instructions in the documentation detailing how to 'Create an Integrated Cobrowse Instance' which provides steps on enabling video chat. 

Once this has been successfully enabled, you will then need to grant the Video Chat permission to the agent profile(s) which you want to have access to video chat.