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Screen layout displayed side by side
Answer ID 11577   |   Last Review Date 06/07/2020

How can I display a side-by-side layout in Core Application like I had in Legacy Manage?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


When configuring the Edit/View activity screen for Core Application, we are not able to get fields to display next to each other side by side. All fields only get displayed one below the other even if they are grouped and added side by side inside in the screen context. For the Legacy Manage interface the configuration was achievable using the 'end of column marker' but I'm unsure how to achieve the same configuration for Core Application interface

Visual Form Editor shows two columns of properties inside one section.

Activity details screen shows all properties listed one after another.


With the announcement Legacy Manage interface removal, Oracle Field Service customers are preparing for this change. Legacy Manage users were used to be able to configure the layout of some of the screens to display information side by side by adding the 'end of column marker' element to the screen context. 

When configuring screen contexts in Visual Form Editor, the same layout can be achieved by adding Sections. Sections can be added as columns to the screen context which will display information side by side in Core Application.

Visual Form Editor shows two sections side-by-side with properties inside each section.

Activity details screen shows two columns with properties listed side-by-side.