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Columns displayed in the Inventory List screen
Answer ID 11569   |   Last Review Date 05/29/2020

How do I change the columns displayed in the Inventory List screen of Core Application interface?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


When I click the Inventory (list_inventories) button in the activity details screen, some details about Inventory item are displayed. I would like to have additional information displayed but I don't know what screen context is used for this configuration.


Depending on the screen resolution, the items in Inventory List are presented in a grid form or as a list. To configure the type of information to be displayed go to Configuration > User Types and select the User Type you would like to apply the changes. Select Screen Configuration tab and expand Collaboration and Identifiers section. The 'Identify equipment by' is the context used to define the properties/fields displayed in the Inventory List screen. This same context is used to identify Inventory items in Collaboration; it is used when you search an item and also used to identify an Inventory in the activity 'History' tab.