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Number of items listed in recent items for BUI
Answer ID 11558   |   Last Review Date 10/15/2020

How many items may be listed in the 'Recent Items'  feature from the ribbon in BUI?


BUI: All versions


There is no configuration or personalization that may be set to manage the size of the list.  By default the limit of the Recent Items list is 20.  Recent items are not displayed for non-hierarchical menus which have less than 20 menu items.  However, the number of items shown in the list may grow beyond 20 during a session.  If an agent logs out and back in or refreshes the browser the list will reset to 20.  Hierarchical menus like Disposition where nested menu items are possible will always show recent items.  The list of recent items listed in a menu field is 5.

The recent items list may be disabled in the BUI by clicking on the recent items star in the ribbon and then clicking the configuration gear icon and unchecking the 'Recent Items enabled in Menu' option.