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Knowledge Advanced case links versus hyperlinks within the incident threads
Answer ID 11556   |   Last Review Date 05/20/2020

Why is an incident missing from Linked Answers for an article?


Oracle B2C Service sites with Knowledge Advanced (KA / OKCS)


When opening an article in the Knowledge tool and viewing the Linked Answers tab, I don't see an incident where I linked the answer or included its text in a response to an end-user.


Hyperlinks to an answer, or text from an answer, are not the same as case links between the article and the incident. This situation can arise in a number of ways:

  1. The answer is linked or its text included via the buttons in the Knowledge Tool, but the agent navigates to the Linked Answers tab and deletes the link prior to saving the incident. This will require a response to a confirmation message describing this issue.
  2. The answer is linked or its text included via the buttons in the Knowledge Tool, but the agent closes the Knowledge tool prior to saving the incident. This action will also require a response to a confirmation message describing this issue.
  3. The hyperlink was manually added by pasting the link into the thread, or by inclusion in a standard text.

To add a case link in this case, or when no hyperlink is required, simply add the link from the Knowledge tool and then delete that text from the thread. You can even delete the thread. Then save the incident. The case link will now be saved.

Note: Case Links between Incident SR and KA Answers from the CX/KA AgentDesktop(BUI) Console cannot be  deleted/removed once the incident has been saved. There is no way to manage case links(update/delete). However, more case links can be added at any point.

The overview of the Knowledge window in the Documentation for Knowledge Advanced for your version describes how to unlink an incident prior to saving.