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Inlay error site-url must be set
Answer ID 11552   |   Last Review Date 06/11/2020

Why am I getting a "site-url must be set" error for my inlay? 


B2C Service Chat, Customer Portal (CP)
Oracle B2C Service


Error received in browser console:

> Error: site-url must be set ""


If you are getting the (Error: site-url must be set "")error in the DevTools (To view DevTools in your browser you have to hit F12 then go to the Console tab) for a site that has inlays implemented this could be due to the following. The inlay widget's site-url parameter has the incorrect value. For example you have a site-url parameter with the value of ""  this will cause this error and your inlay will fail. The site-url parameter in this example should have the value of "" this is the correct value for the inlay.

For additional information, refer to the Answers About Chat Inlays and Inlay documentation
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