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Activity Fields for Export
Answer ID 11533   |   Last Review Date 05/12/2020

Why are not all properties available for selection in the 'Activity fields for export' screen context?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


I would like to add a Resource property to the 'Activity fields for export' context in Configuration > User Types > Screen Configuration but I don't see the property available for selection.


When creating a property, it is mandatory to select the entity the property needs to be associated with (Activity, Resource, User, Service Request or Inventory) and the property can only be added to screens related to that specific entity. For example, you are not able to add a Resource property to the 'Edit/View activity' screen or an Activity property to the Resource screen. Therefore, you are only able to add properties associated to Activity entity to the 'Activity fields for export' screen context. You may use Daily Extract files to capture the data.