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Update Schedule in Field Service (OFS) Service Console states 'Floating Date'
Answer ID 11527   |   Last Review Date 05/10/2020

Why do I have 'Floating Date' specified for my Oracle Field Service (OFS) Update Schedule?


Oracle Field Service (OFS) Service Console in Cloud Portal
Oracle Field Service (OFS)


When accessing Cloud Portal > Field Service (OFS) Service Console > Update Schedule tab, I see there are no dates established for the future major upgrades. It states 'Floating date'.

Cloud Portal > Field Service (OFS) Service Console > Update Schedule tab shows 'Floating Date' for Update 20B, Update 20C, Update 20D Update 21A columns.



You may see 'Floating Date' instead of the scheduled upgrade date if:

  • Upgrade is frozen for your environment(s) until further notice (most likely requested by your company);
  • There is a customization that is pending for your environments and upgrade date cannot be established until it is resolved.

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