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Restriction on visible activities
Answer ID 11516   |   Last Review Date 05/06/2020

How to set a limit in the number of activities seen at a time by Field Resources?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


I would like to restrict the number of activities the technicians can see in their route. I would like to limit them to see only the next two pending ordered jobs in the route.


There could be several reasons why administrators would like to restrict the number of visible activities in the technician's route. The configuration can be accomplished creating a filter as follow:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Filters and click Add new.
  2. Fill in the label and the name. Make sure 'Activity' entity is selected and check the box for 'Restriction on visible activities'. Click Add.

Now we need to add conditions to the filter to meet our needs:

  1. For first condition, use field 'Resource Type [ptype]' 'IN' and select the Resource Type associated with the Field Resource you would like to restrict the visibility.
  2. For the second condition, use field 'Activity Scheduled? [is_activity_scheduled]' 'Is not empty'  - this will show only scheduled activities and not non-scheduled activities.
  3. For the third condition, use field 'Pending Activity Order [pending_activity_order]' '>=' '0'  - this is to show the minimum number of activities.
  4. For the fourth and last condition, use field  'Pending Activity Order [pending_activity_order]' '<=' '2'   - this will limit to maximum of 2 activities.

Lastly, the filter needs to be applied to the User Type associated with the Field Resource:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > User Types
  2. Select the User Type you would like to restrict the visibility
  3. Click on Restrictions and Filters tab
  4. Under 'Filters restricting visible activities' click the pencil to select the filter you just created. Click OK. Click Save.

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