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Email for password reset
Answer ID 11492   |   Last Review Date 05/04/2020

Why are there no values to pick in parameter 'Email for password reset'?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


We would like to implement the feature that sends an email to the user so the user can perform the password reset on the Login screen. When enabling the checkbox "Enable password reset on Login screen" in Configuration > Display, the dependent dropdown parameter 'Email for password reset' has no values to select. 


Email for password reset dropdown field is the source property where you can get the email address of the user. In order for the property to be displayed there are some conditions that need to be met:

  • The property needs to be related to User entity;
  • The property type needs to be String;
  • GUI selected in the property needs to be either Text or Email.

Configuration > Display. Parameter 'Email for password reset' has value: Email address

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