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Product Category linking and workspace rules to include/exclude work in conjunction in BUI
Answer ID 11491   |   Last Review Date 04/27/2020

Can I use include/exclude workspace rules when Products/Categories/Dispositions linking is enabled in the BUI console?


Workspaces, Products, Categories, Dispositions, Linking, BUI


When you have Products/Categories/Dispositions linking enabled, workspace rules to include/exclude will work in conjunction with the linking.  Meaning, the dispositions and categories which are linked to a product will not display when you have a workspace rule configured to exclude them.  Same is true with the include rule.  If a workspace rule is set to include a set of menu items.  Only those items that are both linked and in the include rule will be displayed.

The product linking feature allows staff members and users to select appropriate values from a subset of the overall list of categories or dispositions.  Workspace rules then may be used to further filter the subset of categories and dispositions.

The behavior of linking and workspace rules described here is for BUI only.

For more information on this feature, please refer to Answer 2306: Linking categories or dispositions with specific products.